Monday, October 12, 2009

Twin Bing

Twin Bing | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

The Twin Bing. A mid-west candy classic. You're not from familiar with it? The Bing was invented in 1923 by the Palmer Candy Co. in Sioux City, Iowa and it was originally a single lump of nutty chocolaty cherry goodness. But evidently it was so good it went to Twin Bing in 1973 (and in 1986 to the triple lump King Bing).

I remember buying them at Duane's Grocery store here in Maurice when I was a kid. I can't quite remember if they were a nickel or a dime back in the 60s. Cherry nougat center surrounded by chocolate and crushed peanuts. Good stuff; trust me.

It's the nostalgic packaging that still grabs my attention. It has not changed much, if at all, over all these years. I worked this painting longer than I intended to. I kinda got sucked into creating the multiple shades of red and the wrinkled wrapper.

I've managed to keep the candy bar in the package thus far, but I can hear it calling my name.

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  1. Thanks John. Now I have to go buy one at noon for my after lunch snack!

    Love the reds and the shading. Next can you try to do a Butterfinger?