Thursday, October 30, 2008


Reeses | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

Well, what did you expect today? It wouldn't be Halloween without some candy. I picked one of my favorites, the peanut butter cup. For the record, I'm also a fan of Snickers and M&Ms (plain or peanut).

Have a safe and happy Halloween.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chuck, Frank and Joe

Chuck, Frank and Joe | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

Here's a painting based on a photo from our trip to Minneapolis last month. While there, I dragged my family to the art museum. The Minneapolis Institute of Art. The painting on the wall in this painting is titled "Frank" and is by my favorite Photo-Realist painter, Chuck Close. It's my oldest son, Joe who is inspecting the painting. Thus the title.

It is my favorite painting in the museum's collection and I always look forward to seeing it when we go there. If you go, make sure you check it out.

I also need to give credit where credit is due. One of my favorite artist bloggers is Karin Jurick and she has painted many, many great museum paintings similar in a style to the one I created here. Thanks, Karin.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

It's exactly a year ago today that my wife and I arrived in New York City to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so I thought I'd paint something from that trip. We had such a great time. Saw all the sites and took in a couple Broadway shows.

I love life in small town Iowa, but the action and excitement of the world's greatest city is truly something to behold. I loved it.

This painting is based on a photo shot from the Chelsea Pier in Manhattan, looking toward Brooklyn. We ate pizza at Grimaldis under the Brooklyn Bridge and then had ice cream at the place with the red roof on the far right hand side of the painting. Then walked back into Manhattan on the Brooklyn bridge with the skyline stretched out before us.

It makes me want to go back.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Carnes Elevator

Carnes Elevator | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

The harvest is in full swing and so another elevator painting seems to be in order. As I look back, it is exactly a month ago today that I posted Shades of Gray, which features this same elevator from a different angle.

I think my favorite part of this one is the rusty roof.

Thanks to all of you who signed up this past week to receive e-mail updates. I appreciate it.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Golden Arches

So, in my last posting I mentioned my daily walks west of town and the "oblivious sheep". Well, I was walking the other day and saw this empty McDonald's french fry container lying along side the road. (Ironically not far from the grazing sheep) So I picked it up, carried it home and decided it might make an interesting subject to paint.

My family questioned my choice of subject matter, but upon completion it has received positive reviews from my in-house critics. I kinda like it too.

Remember when fries use to be served in a simple little white paper bag at McDonalds? This container is certainly more dramatic and beautiful I suppose... and your fries can stand up now.


Inquire about purchasing - $100