Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Winds of Change Installation

Finally, it was time to install the finished artwork. We loaded all four of the paintings into a large cargo van and cautiously transported them to Orange City. Once again, I called Team Vander Stelt into action. My brother, Bruce, took the lead as we began the install. 

Dad and Denise supervise the progress as the first canvas is mounted.

My brothers, Bruce on the ladder and Mike below.  This photo gives you a pretty good idea how high this had to be mounted. Luckily Bruce is comfortable straddling the top of this large ladder.

The install was time consuming. Start to finish we spent approximately five hours.

Almost there. Now for the most nerve wracking part. Adding the wheel. If you remember, this wheel weighs around 60 pounds, and we needed to lift it pretty high just to get it to the mounting apparatus/hub. Fortunately it went smoothly and the wheel fit like a glove on the hub. It fit nice and snug, but we didn't have to fight with it.

 Making the final adjustments to the wheel.

And finally, yours truly in front of the finished piece. Thanks to many of you who have expressed either in person, or by e-mail that you have enjoyed seeing the progression of this commission. If you get to Orange City, make sure you stop at the event center to check it out in person.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Finishing Touches

Here are a few photos of the finishing touches being put on the painting prior to the installation. My lovely studio assistant, Denise,  poses in front of the painting.