Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Iowa State Banks

The Iowa State Bank in Remsen, IA
It's hard to believe it is April already. Life has been busy around our house and unfortunately time to paint has been minimal. Over the years people have often asked, "How do you find time to paint?"
I almost always respond with, "I have to make time." If I don't make it a priority, it just doesn't happen. So the year has started out with other good things that have taken up the hours of my day. 

This is a small painting I did as a commission at the end of 2012. Iowa State Bank has a number of locations here in NW Iowa, and I have painted many of these banks over the years. The paintings were given as Christmas gifts to the owner of these banks.

The paintings below are from previous years. I have to admit, these are never a lot of fun to paint–particularly the countless bricks and all the straight lines. But seeing them all together is kinda fun.

This is the first bank I painted back in 1993. Orange City.
This is the Orange City bank building that later replaced the white one you saw above.
This is a small bank in Craig. I liked this one. Mostly the leaning telephone pole.
Hull. I like the sky of this one.


Alton. This one is no longer a bank.
Sheldon. I like the prairie school style of this building.
Paullina. This is an unusual one.