Monday, May 18, 2009

Yellow Street Gallery

Yellow Street Gallery| 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

This is a painting that is based on a photo taken by a wonderful photographer friend of mine. His name is Tom Becker and he is quite humble and modest about his great work. Tom and his wife Allyson took a trip to Mexico and that's where I believe this scene was composed. I liked the composition and light. The brightly colored yellow wall, the graffiti painting and the figure on the right (which is Allyson by the way).

Graffiti art has taken its place in the big time art world these days and is now considered "legitimate" art by many. I won't weigh in on my thoughts about that, but will say that in this painting, the doorway creates a frame of sorts and makes it a walk by gallery on this sunny South-of-the-border street.

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  1. Great colors and a wonderful sense of temperature. Allyson has a nice natural feel strolling along in the heat.

    On the graffiti topic, depicted here would be considered 'tagging' and not worthy of respect by 'true' graffiti artists; or so I am told.

    Which means no disrespect to your painting, which I like very much. I've also taken graffiti photos and sometimes painted them. They are a part of our urban landscape, like it or not.