Monday, February 2, 2009


Whiteout | 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

You know the old joke as a kid, where you showed someone a blank piece of paper and said it was a picture of a white cow in a snowstorm? Well, this is something along those lines.

A couple weekends ago my son Jack and I decided to venture out to take some photos of the winter landscape outside of Maurice. Little did we realize that the wind was whipping up a pretty furious amount of drifting snow and near whiteout conditions.

This is Pete Hibma's place which is on a gravel road a mile west of town. I hope the painting gives the impression of a whiteout kind of day. I like the three poles and blurry buildings on the left side of the road as well as the fact that there is really no horizon line. Simple and almost abstract I suppose. Click on the picture for a closer look.

Do you see the white cow?


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  1. Whiteout...feels too much like Maine...cold! I love your Diner piece...nice.