Monday, February 23, 2009

Square Bales

Square Bales | 5"x10" | oil on hardboard

The scene is one I drive past nearly every day on my way to Orange City. I glance off toward the south and see these long red buildings stretched out about a half mile away from me.

This is a painting I started a long time ago and it wasn't turning out the way I wanted, so it sat idle for months. Then a couple weeks ago I decided to just rip into it and do some major changes. I took a flat brush that is about 1/4" wide and started dropping in squares in the sky, giving it an almost pixelated look. (click on the photo to see them better) Then I used the same brush to add squares of yellow and green to the foreground to add some texture and contrast there. But the addition of the bales in the mid-section of the painting is what finally worked for me.

For the record, I miss the old days when the traditional rectangular or square bales dotted the landscape of Iowa. Over the years huge round bales have become the bale you now commonly see. I have to admit I have developed a love for seeing these big round bales as they create patterns in fields.

Ironically, by painting these round bales as squares, I get the best of both worlds. Round bales made out of squares!

Square Bales | detail of bales in field


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