Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Learning Commons - Part 3

It's worth mentioning that I painted this in my garage, rather than in the studio. It would have fit in the studio, but I have to say the garage was a really great place to paint.  I cranked up the tunes and spent numerous hours sitting in a lawn chair contemplating the next phase as the piece progressed. Here is a panoramic photo with my son, Jack, taking the spotlight.

The installation in the new Learning Commons went great, due once again to the efforts of my Dad who was up to the challenge of building and stretching this large custom built canvas. Also to my brother Bruce who is a wiz when it comes to installing large works like this.

This is a photo of the finished painting taken just after installation.

So here is a little more in depth description of the painting, and the symbolism contained in the work.

It is titled "The Storehouse". Obviously, a corn crib is a storehouse for grain or corn, but it represents the new Learning Commons which is a storehouse for books and knowledge. It also represents the students and Christians as storehouses for knowledge and truth. As Christians, we believe all truth is from God, and you'll notice that there is only one way to get into this building from this viewpoint.­ It is the window above, so we are to look up, or look to God alone for guidance as we fill our storehouse.

The grasses are all blowing to the right and the clouds are moving to the right. This represents the things of this world pushing us in a worldly direction. Even the corn crib itself is not centered on the canvas, but has been pushed to the right. The shadow of the cupola (cast by God as the light) points us back toward a life centered on Christ.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

Here is a  photo that shows a little broader view of the space.

This view is as you walk in the front doors. I think this give you a sense of some of the geometric lines that are evident throughout the structure. If you get to Orange City, stop and take a look. It is easy to find and is one of the first things you will see as you enter the building.

The dedication for the new Jack and Mary DeWitt Learning Commons takes place next week Friday, September 27. I consider it a privilege to have my work as part of this wonderful addition to the campus.


  1. You have done it again! Beautiful painting and you've made be proud to be your aunt. Great job!!!

  2. John, I love this painting. It makes me smile, stop and study it for a while every time I walk into the library. It works really well in that space too. Awesome job.

  3. I found your work from a link from a link...(o:
    This is wonderful. We live in Wisconsin. I never tire of the scene outside my window.