Friday, June 15, 2012

Prairie Winds proposal sketch

Here is the initial concept sketch I included in the presentation I gave when this artwork was in the proposal phase.

I wanted the art to be about the prairie, and the simple beauty of this part of the country. Some people think to you need a mountain or perhaps a waterfall to create a beautiful landscape.  Not true. Even over just the last few days here, I have marveled at the fantastic sunsets over lush fields filled with row upon row of young corn.

I am not sure exactly sure how the idea of including a real windmill came to me. The idea is pretty much out of the box for the art I typically create. That did excite me–and push me.

While the basic landscape has remained a constant here in Iowa, the windmill on the other hand represents change. The windmill serves as a metaphor for progress. Farm windmills like this have harnessed the prairie winds for generations. It also represents the hard-working, devoted and faithful people who have made this region their home.

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