Monday, June 8, 2009

Trosky Elevator

Trosky Elevator| 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

Back to the midwestern skyline. This was based on a photo shot from the car as we drove past Trosky, Minnesota last year. I know nothing about Trosky, but imagine it to be like Maurice in most ways. A small railroad town with the elevator dominating the skyline.

I have some other elevator paintings that will be coming up. I've heard them referred to as the cathedrals of the prairie, and I find that fitting. These old wooden elevators are a dying breed, but there are still many to be enjoyed and I believe most of the remaining ones are still being used for their original purpose. They store a small portion of the harvest, often positioned beside their much larger concrete elevator counterparts.

Available for $100


  1. John, I like the series. Are you working on-site, or photos for reference. I remember your Carnes elevator, one of my favorites. Nice work, as always.

  2. Great composition! Like the feeling of 'low sky' that I often feel in the midwest.

  3. Love the foreground of this picture. Great textures. Nice job!