Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Chicks

Spring Chicks| 5"x7" | oil on hardboard

I started this painting prior to our vacation, with the intent of posting it for Easter. I ran out of time so I finished it this weekend.

I have childhood memories of going to Jim's Feed Store here in Maurice to see the chicks when the shipment arrived in the spring. Fast forward 40 years and I find myself driving my son and his friends down to the local farm supply store to buy chicks.

JBC (Joe, Branson & Caleb) Poultry Farm is what they've dubbed themselves and they certainly have an entrepreneurial spirit. They started off their poultry hobby with 9 full-grown chickens that didn't lay too many eggs, and now they own 100+ chicks that are growing rapidly and no longer look anything like these cute chicks in the painting.

I think we'll still be waiting a while to see the farm fresh eggs from these beauties.

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  1. A great painting, John. The chicks fill the area so nicely and make for a very pleasing almost monochromatic scene. And they look so fluffy, as they are at that age. Nice!!

  2. Beautiful piece, John. Wonderful job with the texture of the fine feathers.

  3. Love the composition here! lots of motion to the piece. Great work.

  4. Very nice painting, John. You are doing some really fine art work.
    God bless and keep it up

  5. Wonderful flow, love the path my eye travels on this one, John! Gotta love the little orange beaks, nice job.