Monday, January 5, 2009

Portrait of an Artist - part 2

I thought you might be interested in seeing the painting of me painted by the mystery artist you received in my last posting. Her name is Carol Feldman and she is an artist living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Half way around the world. If you go to her blog you will see a watercolor portrait of me, as well as a preliminary sketch that she did.

It's hard to judge a painting of yourself, but I think she captured my likeness nicely.

I found it amusing that in the comments by readers of her blog, someone speculated on my identity saying, "I could be so wrong yet in this the guy I see an Israeli... the shaven head (style?), the checking-you-out eyes, the stubborn jaw. Whoever he is, your work is wonderful."

Well, they were a little off on the Israeli part, but the stubborn jaw part is on the mark. The comment made me look at myself in a totally different way.

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  1. Hi John:
    I went and checked out the portrait of you. The painting is good--but to me it is obvious that she has not meet you--because she left out your kind, gentle spirit.
    I enjoy your blog,

  2. She did a wonderful job of painting you and I loved the pencil drawing! I couldn't help myself--I had to comment on her painting as well. To bad she does not know you like we do!
    Aunt Betty

  3. Hi John,
    I truly enjoy receiving these emails from you every week. They inspire me to look at the world with a whole new eye. Keep up the great work and your lively spirit definitely comes through in all that you paint.

  4. We have had quite a chuckle about you being tzabar! We had to check out the drawing on her blog. She did capture your facial details, but didn't see your heart! It's good knowing about the stubborn jaw though. We look forward to your artwork and blog.
    The Snellers